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This cutting edge CBDa Oil product has about 6 mg of CBDa in each serving. This is up to 600x more than what is generally found in most CBD products currently in the market. We don’t call 10xPURE™-GOLD SUPER 1000 “nature’s miracle” for nothing.

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At CTFO we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the CBD industry - an industry poised to become one of the largest in the U.S. in the next few years.
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Hi, I'm Jim Goodenough, aka, Coach Jim

First, let me introduce myself.

I am a self-made kind of Idaho farm boy, retired military officer, government manager, church leader, recreational golfer and a marketer of health and wellness products.

I live in San Antonio Texas with my wife, Yvonne in a military retirement village, Blue Skies of Texas. We enjoy the lifestyle here and have made many interesting friends.

We have chosen the franchise marketing business model as the vehicle to create a legacy income.

It is important to build your belief system in the franchise opportunity business model. This is the only business model where you can start for a minimal investment and create life-changing residual income, and also time freedom.

I have served and worked in many places around the world and have led major military and civilian organizations. I am a graduate of the US Army Ranger and Airborne schools, have a BS and MS degree, as well as graduating from the Army Command and General Staff Officer College. I have taught project management at the master’s level.

Why is my experience important? Because I have had numerous leadership positions, and I have learned to be an effective trainer and teacher.

I can lead and teach you how to build your own global legacy franchise and help you create the life-style income you deserve.

So, let's get started.

 Angela T.

 leah c.

jeanette s.

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People around the globe are experiencing life-changing results. 

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You'll be in business with aspiring, like-minded people who want to make a difference and make money with integrity.


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Jim Goodenough

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