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Hi, I'm Daniel. I Joined the Online Marketing Space a few years ago as I learned at an early age that the 40 hrs a week for 40 years was never going to cut it by the time I came to retirement.
I have no interest in the 40 + 40 plan anyway. 

I have tried the traditional Business Model and it doesn't work for me nor will it help me to achieve the dreams and the time freedom that I desire.

I do not intend to keep doing these hours for 20 more years.

So I decided the Online Space is the better option. Let me show you how you can make money from home in the online marketing industry! 

Get My Exclusive Team Bonuses!

I'm all about adding a ton of value for people who put their trust in me as their sponsor! Join me in Instant Cash Solution and receive the following features and bonuses:

Proven Top-Tier Traffic Marketing Resource!

Another HUGE BENEFIT in joining my ICS Team is that we have a GREAT "TOP-TIER TRAFFIC" Solution! No marketing expertise is required with this 'done for you' option. Our Team Traffic Co-op allows you to leverage our buying power so you can get top-tier traffic from a World Class Solo-Ad Provider at a GREAT price!

But Wait - There's More!

Personal Coaching & Mentoring!

It’s really important you ALIGN YOURSELF with a Coach/Mentor that has a proven track record in their own business. When was the last time you were able to get high-quality coaching & mentoring from the actual founder of a program? My guess is never. But Rich Meyer {ICS Founder}, has agreed to grant you access to his Personal Coaching & Mentoring Vimeo Channel! 

This bonus is ONLY for those of you that join me at the Platinum Membership Level. Rich is one of the most sought out marketing & business development coaches in our Industry! 

Rich will teach you the EXACT STRATEGIES and systems proven to produce both leads and sales. Books and information products are great tools, but Rich's coaching & mentoring will take you to the next level in your business.

This bonus alone is worth the price of admission...lolol...

Hot Links PDF!

When you join my team, you'll receive a PDF document that has excellent links to additional resources that you can use to EXPLODE your ICS Business! Links included:

  • How to Get Started with YouTube Ads

  • Seven "BEST" FREE Social Media Management Tools

  • Internet Marketing Newsletter Service with PLR rights {Private Label Rights} {you're going to love this!}

  • Five Steps to LinkedIn Group Success- How to Create & Manage a Successful Group

  • Video Email Service

  • 50 Social Media "Best Practices"

  • Need Audio, Video, Graphics? I've got you covered! This link will have you creating amazing content for all your marketing needs!

  • And MUCH MORE!

How to Create Daily Sales in Your Instant Cash Solution Business Blueprint

When starting out on this journey to make money online, so many people attempt to go at it alone. For most, this doesn’t work and it leads to frustration, failure and a lot of money wasted trying to figure this stuff out. This Daily Sales Blueprint will teach you EXACTLY what is working and what you need to focus on to launch and manage your ICS Business!

Mega 3,306 Piece Swipe File ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Never again get stuck on what to say! Grab my secret weapon when it comes to writing capture pages, sales pages, emails, blog post headers and solo ads! This Mega Swipe File contains 3,306 PIECES of copy that you can steal to make your business easier and more profitable. Now you can legally steal the very words that million-dollar copywriters use to create cash on demand!

Instant Cash Solution GETTING STARTED Blueprint

This EXCLUSIVE TEAM BLUEPRINT is designed to help you get everything set up and teach you how to get into the routine of driving traffic and marketing your Instant Cash Solution business. INCLUDES: My secret list of proven paid traffic resources, SMS text marketing & Ringless Voice Drop guide with resources and their contact information, PLUS a complete library of Personal Development Audio Books to help get your mind right:)

Hot Tips & Personal Hacks?

My Blueprint for success will show you how to develop multiple-revenue streams and a 'loyal list' of customers! I will also share some "clever hacks" and "shortcuts" to drastically shorten your learning curve and put you on the path to profits quickly!

team testimonials

If you are looking to make money online...

There can be a lot of moving parts, a lot of things to try and figure out on your own. It can be very overwhelming. Instant Cash Solution breaks it all down in a step-by-step platform so you can start earning $100, $200, $300 & $500 instant commissions paid directly to you.
I highly recommend this complete turn-key business to 'eager beginners' and 'seasoned veterans' alike. Thank you Rich Meyer!


I made money with ICS on the first ad I placed

Everything you need is in the back office to get off to a quick start. This is the simplest business out there, and you get to keep 100% of the money. The training and support are excellent. I highly recommend Instant Cash Solution! And you couldn’t ask for a better sponsor than the actual founder of ICS, Rich Meyer!


This program that does exactly what it says it will.

Thank you Rich Meyer! This program that does exactly what it says it will. You will make money, period. Do what Rich tells you and you will see success. For some, it will be the first time ever making any money online.The training alone is invaluable. Use it to grow ICS or apply it to any online opportunity. Don’t reinvent the wheel. This works!


I have never seen such a well put together program!

I have been in the online direct sales business for more than 12 years and I have never seen such a well put together program! The training is second to none and it really provides everything you need to be successful. I was able to make my first $500 sale within 1 week of joining! Rich is the “REAL DEAL!”


I made my first sale within 48 hrs. of joining!

I made my first sale within 48 hrs. of joining and earned $1000 my very first week! The training & marketing resources included with my membership surpassed my wildest expectations. Thanks Rich for everything!



When you’re done jumping through hoops and ‘jumping from program to program' trying to figure out how to earn from home. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN! Unless you’re totally against making CASH money from home, I strongly recommend you check out ICS (Instant Cash Solution). Rich is one of the TOP coaches in our Industry! His coaching alone is worth every penny you invest to get started!


 I made $1100 within my first 6 days!

I want to thank Rich for putting together the Instant Cash Solution! A simple copy and paste system anyone can succeed with. I made $1100 within my first 6 days.


You will have EVERYTHING you need to succeed!

As an Industry leader, I can spot excellence when I see it. The Instant Cash Solution delivers! This is a simple copy & paste system that virtually anyone can make money with. I rarely give endorsements or testimonials, but I have no problem telling the whole world that ICS is a GREAT program! Especially for people that are new to the world of online marketing. If you’re serious about making money from home, I urge you to take action and become an Instant Cash Solution member. You will have EVERYTHING you need to succeed. The ICS Business Center is loaded with excellent training & marketing resources! You can learn & master the skills needed to become an effective online marketer. And the support is amazing. I strongly urge you to take a serious look at ICS. Last, but not least, Rich has been my coach & mentor for over a decade! He got me started in this industry and changed my life! Thanks Rich!


They do weekly training sessions for the ICS Members that is truly TOP NOTCH!

​I wanted to give a quick testimonial about the Instant Cash Solution. The first thing that struck me about ICS was the integrity of the program. It wasn’t the same old hype that I have become accustomed to in the world of online marketing. It wasn’t just about making money, which I found different and refreshing. Much of the focus was on training & support! If you’re looking for an honest program that you can feel good about promoting, ICS IS IT! They do weekly training sessions for the ICS Members that is truly TOP NOTCH. The back office is amazing with all the training anyone could hope for. If you’re looking for a “get rich” scheme or just another money game, then this program probably isn’t a good fit for you. But if you’re looking for program that focuses on education, community and contribution, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a close look at ICS.


I highly recommend Instant Cash Solutions, two thumbs way up...

I'm so glad that I joined ICS this year because I'm learning how to get better results marketing online from watching all the training videos in the back office. Plus, it's exciting earning instant 100% referral commissions in the process. You get the best of both worlds with world-class training & a lucrative income opportunity. I highly recommend Instant Cash Solutions, two thumbs way up...


If you are looking for an honest and legitimate online program that pays, then ICS is it!

​Hi, my name is Wallace from Avondale, Arizona. I just wanted to leave a quick testimonial about Instant Cash Solution. I've been involved with internet marketing since 2006 and I haven't found a program that really had everything I was looking for until coming across ICS. ICS is a simple to start program that offers a TON of the step by step training and tools that new members need; weekly live video training, amazing and super-fast support, a great compensation plan that pays you INSTANTLY, and most importantly, it Converts! As a matter of fact, in my first week, I made $600! If you are looking for an honest and legitimate online program that pays, then ICS is it!


ICS is the "Real Deal" ...there is absolutely nothing else like it out there!

I was presented with the ICS Opportunity around five weeks ago. Upon doing my due diligence, I knew I was on to a winner!I had been looking for something that would allow me to help as many people as possible to change their lives!I was looking for a simple system, suitable for beginners wanting to launch into the online marketing space.A program that was affordable to every single person and did not discriminate.
A program with a Founder that had integrity at the forefront of the opportunity, and a vision to help hundreds, if not thousands of people.In the short time I have been with ICS, I can honestly say this Program, the Founder, the content and support are something I have never experienced anywhere else.
ICS is the "Real Deal" ...there is absolutely nothing else like it out there.
If you are looking for a true business partner, that places others first, then this Program is definitely for you.


If you can copy and paste, you can do this program!

What initially attracted me to the Instant Cash Solution was the simplicity of the program and the fact that it's affordable for most people to join and begin earning commissions from home. The training videos, products and weekly webinars are fantastic and professionally done. Within 5 days of working this program, I had two $100 sales and four $500 sales just by following the training. If you can copy and paste, you can do this program. I highly recommend Instant Cash Solution.


I'm relieved to find something that is So Simple and yet so affordable for everyone to participate!

OMG... I can't believe how well this program is converting and Getting Results! I started on Tuesday and in two short days I had already made $1,300. After years of complicated programs, I'm relieved to find something that is So Simple and yet so affordable for everyone to participate. Thank you!!


Contact Me!

Daniel Trammell

📱 ​317-501-2188


Work with a top earner & respected leader...

Being a top earner and leader in this industry, I know what it takes and I'm excited to guide those who are ready to earn
$100 - $500 CASH DAILY using this amazing system!

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