Millionaire Mailer!


$25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and Even $1000 Cash Payments Daily To Your Mailbox!

Millionaire Mailer


Did you know “Millions” are made each year with mail order by ordinary individuals. Now its your turn to be a part of this very lucrative home based mail order industry.

This is your invitation to become a member of A Brand New State of The Art Money Making System “The Millionaire Mailer” There has never been anything like it and we believe this will be the last program you will ever need to join after you see how simple it is to go from $25 to Hundreds a day in cash income! “The Millionaire Mailer” is a Very Fast Paced Program! Why? There Are No Tricks Involved! All The money comes directly to you.

You know exactly how much you are making. There are no minimum requirements involved before you get paid. Just mail and receive 100% cash to your mailbox. AMAZING!! THIS FLYER IS TESTED AND PROVEN TO PULL CASH LIKE CRAZY!!! This program can be mailed or promoted online with your own website like this one.

How it Works

When you sign up, your name goes to Position #1. Every person who joins from your flyer will receive their flyer with your name, and address in Position #2 then Position #3 these are your Permanent Pay Positions. You will always have these positions on flyers of the members you and your team personally sponsored, you will remain on tier 2 and tier 3 and rotate "through infinity forever" on every flyer of your down line members. This Is Awesome!

Six Money Making Levels To Choose From!

6 Optional Flyer Levels

The Millionaire Mailer 6 Receive $1000 Payments

The Millionaire Mailer 5 Receive $500 Payments

The Millionaire Mailer 4 Receive $250 Payments

The Millionaire Mailer 3 Receive $100 Payments

The Millionaire Mailer 2 Receive $50 Payments

The Millionaire Mailer 1 Receive $25 Payments

Includes the Millionaire Mailer 6  ($1500 Savings)

Includes the Millionaire Mailer 5  ($1200 Savings)

Includes the Millionaire Mailer 4  ($1000 Savings)

Includes the Millionaire Mailer 3  ($400 Savings)

Includes the Millionaire Mailer 2  ($200 Savings)

Includes the Millionaire Mailer 1  ($100 Savings)

1 on 1 Coaching Session With Owner or Top Product (30 mins to an hour)


How To Get Started

  • Choose Your Entry Level: $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000
  • Download Your Flyer Below and Print 4 Copies
  • Mail the Amount of Your Chosen Level to Each Position Listed 

What You Get

Upon confirmation you will receive A Marketing Kit with your own Camera
Ready Copy of this Flyer with Your Name in Position #1.
Added Bonuses: Our ALL EXCLUSIVE GUIDE, "THE MAIL REPORT" learn "HOW TO MAKE 1000's WEEKLY WITH MAIL ORDER." You'll also receive a Top Of The Line Mailing List Directory, Complete Instructions, and our preferred Turn Key Print & Mail Services. You also receive 30 Fresh & Responsive Buyer Leads on Peel and Stick Labels.

Download Your Flyer Here

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