Prosperity Home Network!

Yes, it’s true! Our program will put payments of $100-$2000 in your pocket daily by you simply sharing your personalized copy of this exact same flyer then letting our team do the rest of the work.

Make sure you call our
24hr Recorded Overview at (858)-901-4066
To hear how our program works as well as learn about all the benefits and services we offer you when you become a member of The Prosperity Home Network. 

Benefits of Prosperity Home Network

  • We handle all phone calls, emails and text messages from YOUR flyer
  • No selling, meetings or phone calls!
  • Unlimited Income Opportunity!
  • Your payments go straight to YOU!
  • We NEVER touch your money!
  • We call and send text follow-up messages to your leads! What Direct Mail Home-Based program does that? WE DO!
  • Earn $100-$2000 for every membership you refer to us!
  • Built in residuals! Earn additional income on your team’s efforts!
  • Complete in-house print and mail service! We can mail your flyers for you!
  • Real Live One on One support to help you succeed!
  • Access to the best leads, training and marketing techniques found anywhere!
  • Weekly updates to keep you informed on what’s working and latest strategies
  • COOP advertising / We run the ads and you make money!
  • Bonuses for Top Producers each month!

Choose Your Membership Plan Below!



$100 Commission

Master PDF Flyer

100 Leads



$200 Commission

Master PDF Flyer

200 Leads



$300 Commission

Master PDF Flyer

300 Leads



$600 Commission

Master PDF Flyer

500 Leads



$2000 Commission

Master PDF Flyer

1000 Leads

We created this system for YOU! With over 25 years experience working from home, my wife and I know what works and we know what does not work and we know what people want. 


Meet the Program Creator: Bruce

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Shaun Fortin


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