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Testimonials From A Few Fantastic Students

David Hurley

"Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) is the most effective and most flexible downline building tool I have ever used. I can plug in MY programs and REMOVE any program I don't want to promote. Also, I get a regular flow of cash from the FRONT END, so I make money with PMS whether people join my programs or not. The training courses are very clear and comprehensive so it is an excellent service whichever way you look at it - and PMS was the first "Plug In" program that worked for me."

Jacques James

"The Prosperity Marketing System has proven to be the best set of promotional tools I have come across in my 9 years of active Internet work. By simply inviting prospects to get the free trial, we were able to put in front of them all our other programs without any added cost. It is a truly valuable asset to any Internet Entrepreneur. If you are reading this message, please take the time to navigate through the entire site. Then decide to follow our group or, if you wish, purchase the Owner Add-on and customize it to fit your needs. One way or another, you will come out a winner. Regards"

Benne Clark

"This system delivers the necessary components for a complete easy-to-follow income generating funnel online that's priced right."

How Can A $12 Program Pay So Good?

If you did just a fraction of this and created a residual income of 3-5K Per month would that be helpful? Yes, it would be life changing for most folks. However, because of our team's high converting sales machine you still have a chance to hit the goals outlined below.


I'm pretty sure you're flipping out about all the value you're going to get for starting 7 day free trial. The ONLY thing I'm interested in right now is gaining your trust and handing you a proven system that is full of value and that will transform you into a 6 figure earner.

I'm confident that after getting a glimpse of what's inside you'll immediately realize you've found an incredible opportunity that is completely different than any other opportunity you've ever joined.

More Member Testimonials

"Looks like all my wasting of time and energy could have been shorten if I would have just gotten started with Prosperity Marketing System sooner. No time like the present! It is an excellent way to show others your programs and offers."

Al Tillis

"I have recently joined the Prosperity Marketing System, and I am very excited about the potential and growth of this site to increase my marketing success. In less than one (1) week I have a total of 20 tour takers, two owners, and one (1) student. Prosperity Marketing System from my opinion is the best Funded Proposal, programs that I have ever found. There is truly nothing else out there in a Funded Proposal, Internet Marketing System that comes anywhere close to providing the capabilities that this system provides to our business owners. Darren... you were born to win and to be a true leader. Keep setting the barriers!!! Thank you again Darren I highly recommend PMS to everyone. Sincerely Lloyd P"

Lloyd Petersen

"I've seen many funnel programs that allow you to build several downlines but few to none of them give the kind of access and flexibility of the Prosperity Marketing System. Take it from someone that has tried the others, there's no reason to look any further. Just use the tools before you and your business will grow."

Patrick Phenix

"Holy cow BATMAN, I made a sale! Thank YOU Prosperity Marketing System for making that possible!I was ALL over the place before joining this system,now, with your step by step plan, I am getting WAY better with my Online Marketing and seeing REAL results! I have PMS and I love it! Herbert Thompson Jr."

Herbert Thompson Jr.

"If you're new to Internet Marketing, the system will take you right through the steps you need to follow in order to make money online. You'll learn to do it the right way without wasting hours upon hours figuring it all out by yourself. If you already know how to do it but lack the tools and products to build your marketing funnel, the system will serve you well and will give you the means to present your primary business at the right time. Clearly laid out and easy to use."

Brigitte Richard

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I honestly make 6 figures per year with this affiliate program?

Can I add my own programs into the downline builder?

I'm a newbie and not familiar with affiliate marketing will this be too complicated for me?

Is this for real? Will I really get paid?

Ok, I see the massive potential here and I want to take the trial. If for some reason I change my mind after I take the trial, can I cancel before I am charged?

What if I don't have a home business I'm trying to build?