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If You Are Serious About Receiving $1,500 to $7,500 or More PER WEEK... WATCH This ENTIRE 12-Minute Amazing Video Webinar BEFORE Calling Our Hotline.

Are YOU Ready to Unleash the CASH GENERATING POWER

“Working” just one to three hours each week from home, you can instantly plug into a proven and totally hands-free automated turn-key cash generating system…then use it to rapidly eliminate ALL your unwanted debts, fatten your bank account, and generate yourself a truly massive multiple cash stream fortune that can grow to literally any level you wish...


All YOU need to do is decide whether you want to join them or whether you want to keep on doing what you’re doing...

The Fastest & Simplest Way to Receive Cash Daily

You owe it to yourself to join this activity now. Discover how you can be crowdfunded each week with just a few hours of your time! Your one-time out of pocket is just $500, $1,500, $3,500, $7,500, or $11,000!!!

This entitles you to receive UNLIMITED funds! Our system makes it easy for you to succeed, because the above video does all the “selling” for you. If you WANT to sell, you can, but it is not necessary to make this system work.

With the Prosperity People Systems there is:

  • NO matrix
  • NO selling
  • NO rejection!
  • NO products or inventory to keep track of
  • NO selling to friends and family
  • NO monthly quotas to meet
  • NO uplines or downlines
  • NO 3-way calls to advisers or sponsors
  • NO websites to build!
  • NO hidden expenses!
  • NO stress

How Much Can You Receive?

We prefer to not use hype or to make any bold claims. But when cash starts arriving to your door, it can be life-changing! It is possible to receive $20,000 - $80,000 or more each month! YOUR success depends on your passion and your ability to share the program with others and to get the word out there. Once you join, you will receive support and guidance as far as specific steps you can follow that have been proven to be successful.

PPS Product Packages

The PPS product packages contain products that will teach you various step by step systems that will help you market your business and get new customers.

For each level, there is an associated product package. The higher the level you join at, the higher value product package you receive.

The Bronze Series Product Package Includes:

The Silver Series Product Package Includes:

The Gold Series Product Package Includes:

The Platinum Series Product Package Includes:

The Diamond Series Product Package Includes:

The Prosperity People Systems Includes:

  • You Receive Cash from Your Very First Sale
  • Simple System That can be Easily Replicated
  • Step-by-Step Marketing Plan (so you don’t have to figure what to do next)
  • Integrated Autoresponder System
  • First Class Support & Training
  • Step-by Step Marketing Plan
  • Custom Capture Page for you to build your own list
  • Replicated Member Marketing Website Creates Turn-Key Success
  • So Easy a Kid Could Do it!

Our System is Based on a Superior Cash Leveraging Model

When you join most cash leveraging programs, there is a “downline” and you are told that you will receive your funds from the people several levels below you. What they never explain to you is that there is an inherent attrition built in to any matrix.

This means that although you may be energized, and the people below you may be energized, the people that THEY bring in will probably not do ANYTHING resulting in the momentum stopping for EVERYONE.

With our system, there is no downline. You receive your funds directly from the people that you sign up. And since there is no limit to the amount of people that you can sign up, there is no limit to the amount you can receive!

You will also receive cash roll-ups sent directly to your door as discussed in the above video.

48 Hours Action Taker’s Bonus

You can only get the 48 hour action taker bonuses by calling the Success Coach Hotline. This is an amazing ONE-TIME offer you will NOT want to miss!

Join at the $1,500 level, get upgraded to the $3,500 level.

Join at the $3,500 level, get upgraded to the $7,500 level.

Join at the $7,500 level, get upgraded to the $11,000 level.

Join at the $11,000 level, make and keep 100% of EVERY SALE FROM DAY 1... FOR LIFE. Plus get a $1,000 custom ad campaign setup for you and start delivering traffic to your site immediately.

The HUGE Benefit of Coming In At The Top

You get 100% of EVERY Sale For Life.

  • You get $500 on Level 1
  • You get $7,500 on Level 4
  • You get $1,500 on Level 2
  • You get $11,000 on Level 5
  • You get $3,500 on Level 3

Plus we jump-start your business by gifting you a $1,000 custom ad campaign for you to start delivering traffic to your site immediately.

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