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Ricky Reed TV interview on Money Talks June 2018

I will be the second
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Second TV Show interview on Money Talk show
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I will be the second
person to be interviewed

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Welcome to Purpose Power & Praise World Prison Ministry!
You will read and hear some amazing stories and meet people whose lives have been changed because of their Faith, Belief and Trust in God!

How one of my best friends Mark Simien, was just 30 days, from being put in the Electric Chair in Louisiana State Penitentiary from 1975-1990, (Mark was only 15 years old at the time. His 2 co-defendant's, age 16 and 17 were executed in the electric chair in LESS THAN TWO YEAR OF BEING THERE 1978.

God made a way out of no way by allowing the United States Supreme Court, to make the decision to say, NO TO KILLING A MAN THAT WAS TRIED THREE TIMES AND EACH TIME HAD A HUNG JURY! But he was still put on Death Row.

As a Christian Comedian, I have traveled the world and now I focus on the call of God on my life and that is (Prison Ministry). God has used me in many ways but I had no idea how to get started into prison ministry to minister to the captives. I thought I had to commit a crime and be put in jail. (I thought about doing some crazy things)….

It all started with several dreams and my desire to please God, I learned how to listen to that still soft voice of the Holy Spirit. Understanding that my gift would make room for me. I also started listening to great men and woman of God who taught me who I am as a man, in a system that seemed to have excluded me.

Once I found out who I was and learned how to control the thoughts of my mind. I figured out the Purpose and Power of the imagination and how to meditate day and night on the Word of God, by reading His words which gave me the Mental Toughness which brought me success.
(God gave me permission to succeed).

Personal: I grew up in the projects in Saginaw, Michigan as an inner-city youth in which society had already deemed me as a risk. Although the odds were against me I chose to believe and trust in God's vision for my life. I was one of the top 10 sports stars in the State.

Saginaw was comprised of several automobile manufacturing companies such as Ford Motor, General Motors and struggling factories. I never thought that I would survive. But my mother taught me about God and that I needed to have faith in Him at a young age. I was determined to change the odds and make a respectable life for myself, so I joined the Army to play sports.

This plan allowed me to make a career move and receive a nice paycheck as a means of playing sports in the Army. I was a young man with a plan and I looked around and realized that I could accept my current circumstances or change them. God lead me out of Michigan unto the course of my life.

I then, had the confidence in God, having confidence in me.
My thoughts became things. Speaking how God see me helped changed my life. I made a decision to participate in my own rescue.

My assignment in the earth is to help organizations start a prison ministry or assist them when they go into the prisons.

I made a natural decision, to do something in my life and with my life that glorifies God and it triggered the supernatural power of God and grace of God to bring it all to pass.

Comedy is used like praise and worship if no one has a praise and worship team. Then I teach the word of God after making them laugh....

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Hello Ricky Reed Here or AKA Comedian Bad Rickey


Even The Most Broken Lives And Situations Can Be RESTORED to GOD'S Call To Serve Men, Women And Teens Behind Bars.  Every Person Is Made In The Image Of God. No Life Is Beyond His Reach.


Men and women behind bars, victims of crime, families torn apart by incarceration, are loved by God and worthy of our attention. There is always hope. Together, we strive to make prisons safer and more rehabilitative, advance criminal justice reforms, and help all those affected by crime to heal and flourish.


I would like to thank everyone for showing the Love and support for the Purpose Power & Praise World Prison Ministry.   Each time someone joins from a flyer, it helps to support my ministry.


Our focus is to continue going into the prisons to entertain the incarcerated men, women, and children and help them to take their minds off things and focus on God.


We are currently looking for property for a Halfway House as we have resources to assist those being released from prison with locating jobs, housing, etc.  Also, after being released, you will get $1000 in grocery coupons plus much more!





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