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What We Do

Here at The Puppy Heroes, our goal is to raise money for local shelters and animal rescue groups to help care for animals in need. Many of these animals have medical problems that require extra help and support. We raise funds by promoting our work from home platform.  

Work From Home

Be Your Own Boss

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Simple Flyer Program

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Extra Money to Help Needy Animals

Help support animals

Finally have some extra cash giving you more opportunities to support animals in need.

You join one of our programs by paying 5 people a one-time commission and a one-time fee to Mountain Marketing. Mountain Marketing will monitor the programs for you and forward all money orders to you on a weekly basis. Mountain Marketing will also send you a marketing kit containing camera ready copies with your name in the #1 spot.

Most of our members are donating a percentage of their earnings on a weekly or monthly basis to the shelter or rescue group of their choice.

About us

 The Puppy Heroes  

We are a team of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to helping animals in need plus we are able to make extra income along the way just take a look at what is possible.

  • $300,000 Potential Earnings – $20 Program
  • $750,000 Potential Earnings – $50 program
  • $1,500,000 Potential Earnings – $100 program
  • $2,550,000 Potential Earnings – Promote All 3 Programs Together!

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With your help, we can help more animals in need! Please consider joining our team! Click the button below to see how you can earn money from home, while supporting our Puppy Hero efforts!

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