Get paid to work from home!

fast cash  $200 - $600

Are you looking for a simple way to generate extra income? If you can mail a simple flyer... you can start receiving UNLIMITED CASH MONEY in your mailbox! PLUS Stamps!!

Here’s How it Works

Just Follow our Simple Instructions:

  • Download the flyer below, read carefully and print a copy for each person listed in the box.
  • Check the box to select your earning amount ($200, $400, or $600)
  • Send each payment separately (names and addresses listed on the flyer) PLUS 5 books of stamps to EACH person.
  • Soon, you're very own flyer will arrive so you can start mailing them out and earning UNLIMITED CASH FROM HOME!

When you join - your name and address will go in box #1. When a person joins from your flyer, their name and address will go in box #1 and you will move to box #2 on their flyer.

Here’s what you get

You get 100, 200, or 400 hot buyer leads on peel and stick labels & the Hot new Mailbox Cash money marketing kit that will put your flyer on steroids and cash in your mailbox. PLUS...

  • A copy of your flyer
  • All the support you need.
  • $1000 in grocery coupons of your choice
  • Residual income built in Box #2 and#3! Which is amazing!

Need Even More Stamps?

Stamps are the most expensive part of direct mail. Our Abundant Stamp Program was created for anyone who needs an extra income and stamps. Be sure to check it out below.

Get started now!!

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