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​​You may laugh at the "simple" program I am promoting. But, I can assure you, I am the one laughing... all the way to the bank! Read on my friend - programs that actually work are hard to find...​?

What ​would it be like to wake up everyday to checks in the mail? All from ​working a simple business from the comfort of your home?​



​​ARE YOU TIRED of wasting money on programs that don't pay? Then let's unite and work smart! All you have to do with THE POWER OF FOUR PROGRAM is just mail until you get 4 responses, then sit back and wait on the money. This program works fast because there are only 2 phases and each phase is only 5 levels deep.

H​ow does Power Of 4 work?

​You pay 5 people a commission of $20 each and $45
to Mountain Marketing for the Marketing Kit
and to monitor the program plus forward all
money orders to you. 

After you receive your marketing kit with camera ready copies of this letter with your name in the number 1 position, make copies and start mailing until you get 4 responses. That's all there is to it! Then, just sit back and wait for the money to start pouring in.

​ 100% Cheat Proof:

​The program is 100% CHEAT PROOF — All funds are paid by money orders made out in your name,  no one can cash them but you and no  one can join without paying you_ Once you join you will receive full addresses and phone numbers of your sponsor and everyone who joins in your down line as they join. This is not a gifting program. You are purchasing a Marketing Kit that will benefit you with any mail order program.

  • ​It’s VERY “simple” to understand.
  • ​Cheat proof. Are you sick and tired of companies cheating you out of your hard earned commissions?
  • ​Speed. High attrition rates are non-existent with this program. This program sees results very fast.
  • No product to ship. No lotions, potions, or pills to buy or ship or consume or sell.
  • ​Low startup costs. Where else can you start a very profitable business for $145
  • No selling. Don't worry if you hate selling! You don't have to talk your friends into it
  • Truly, no computer needed. ​​​​Again... response will increase because a lot of people, especially older people don't own a computer.
  • Market online only if you want to. If you do elect to market online, I’ll help you set up a page exactly like this one.
  • ​Very high income potential. Up to $27,280 just on the front end.

​Payment Proofs


​IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about making a lot of money
in a short time with very little effort or out of pocket expenses, then this program is for you. You only need 4 responses to start making money that most people dream of. Can you afford not to join this program?

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